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From Pelican Packers to Wild Pacific Seafood: The Long Story
Even a captain can go a little crazy during a long season. Don’t worry - he didn’t hurt anybody. We tackled him and forced him to eat 2 Snicker bars from his “hidden” stash. He was back to normal in no time.
Harvey and Judy Cosky, long-time albacore fishermen, and Mike and Russ Edwards, brothers from a fishing family, started Pelican Packers in 1998. The goal was to can some of the Cosky’s albacore so that they had a market other than the regular canners. The second goal was to provide a place where other fishermen could custom-can their fish and help grow a market for the troll-fishing industry.

The division of labor worked out easily: The Edwards brothers would run the cannery in Bellingham, Washington while the Coskys caught the albacore. The next year they canned their first run of Pelican’s Choice Albacore.

It worked out even better than they had hoped. Russ and Mike became so busy, not only with the fish Harvey and Judy catch, but also with custom canning for fishermen up and down the coast. It was time to reorganize the workload, and so the Cosky’s and their daughter Stephanie took over the Pelican’s Choice label so the guys could focus on cannery operations. We named our new company Wild Pacific Seafood in order to reflect the sustainable and wild nature of the fishery and to accomodate new labels in the future.

We are proud that Russ and Mike at the cannery are able to help other albacore trollers process some of the albacore they catch so they can market it under their own labels. Many of these labels can be found at Farmer’s Markets from Bellingham to San Diego and in fine retail stores in the Pacific Northwest.

Pelican Packers is a member of the National Food Processors Association and uses HACCP-approved methods and custom cans seafood for several companies and individual fishermen in the Pacific Northwest. Pelican Packers is an FDA-inspected facility following HACCP-approved methods to process in cans and retortable pouches and are expanding our capabilities all the time.

Russ and Mike Edwards are the brains behind the daily operation of the cannery. They built it and are the ones who keep track of all that goes on. If you have seafood you are considering having custom canned, please give Russ or Mike a call at 360-398-8825.